Integrative Therapy and Counselling With Tania Davies

About Therapy


The Therapy Sessions

The Cost

The cost of the initial session and any subsequent sessions is £45 per hour. Clients usually attend weekly although some clients prefer less frequent therapy over a longer period.

First Session

Its very important to understand what the client wants from therapy or counselling, so the first time I meet with a client we complete an assessment together so I can find out more about the client and what they might want from therapy. I will also check if I am best suited to meet their needs and explain to them how we can work together.

When a client first arrives, very often they don’t know what they want or cannot say “what is wrong”. The client and I decide our approach together in the time they need, and sometimes we agree to provide a safe space for a client, allowing me to get to know them first before sharing deeper issues.

Ongoing Sessions

Each time I meet with a client I seek to provide a safe and secure space for them, and together we decide what they want from that particular session and what they might need from me (this can change from week to week and even within a single session).


My Integrative Approach

I follow a unified approach to therapy with the aim of bringing together and harmonising various concepts and approaches. I attempt to affirm the value of each individual by responding to their affective, behavioural, cognitive, physiological and spiritual aspects and levels.

Every client I meet is unique with their own individual needs and wants which can also change over time. Providing integrative therapy for my clients means that I can tailor and adjust how I work to fit with each client. I can bring a very wide range of techniques and ideas, and together we can select those that best suit my clients’ needs and personality. The therapy sessions vary greatly, just as individuals do, but can include: