Integrative Therapy and Counselling With Tania Davies

Telephone and Video Calls


For many reasons, some clients may find it difficult to come to my place of private practice or may prefer to be in their own familiar surroundings. In cases like this we can consider counselling using telephone or video-conferencing software like Skype.

I have worked with clients in these ways and found it can be an effective means of offering therapy while meeting the needs of individual clients. Often it is a way to maintain the therapeutic relationship even while clients may be travelling. In other cases it can be an effective way to offer therapy in circumstances that would otherwise not be possible.

It may seem that this is an impersonal way to offer therapy, however in the right circumstances, I find that any preconceptions can disappear and after a short time the therapy  and go forward in a similar way to face to face therapy.

Computers, tablets and smart phones offer many effective options for therapy, and if this is the client's preference then together we can decide on the best option.